Meadows Park sponsors Louth Town FC

8 August 2023

Meadows Park sponsors Louth Town FC

Meadows Park have recently sponsored Louth Town Football Club with new shirts and added signage to the pitch.

The pitch itself is just outside of Louth in the village of Salfleetby and after seeing the photo of the team with the board we decided to take some residents to see it for themselves.

They loved the trip out as some of residents grew up in the village and used to play on it themselves. Alan commented ‘The pitch used to be a Hay field and once it was cut we could play football on it.’ Alan also showed us the home he was born and grew up in.

Another resident Joyce loved the drive past the school she used to go to and was telling us that she was a farmers daughter and grew up in the village.

Ralph was chatting about the local pub and how he used to live opposite it.  It was so lovely to reminisce and hear how our residents have so many memories and connections to the local area and community. It is so important that our residents stay connected to their community, Meadows Park residents and team wish Louth Town FC the best of luck this season and are looking forward to coming down to watch and cheer the team on.

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